Waterfowl hunting at “Hunt Halifax” by Nash Brick Company (NBC) is an “Unguided” style hunting experience located in Halifax County, North Carolina.

Hunters will be provided a property map of the 481 acres with assigned blind location marked.  Blinds are placed along a beaver pond and manmade bodies of water.  NBC can accommodate groups hunting together with blinds safely located nearer to each other and smaller parties with blinds placed in separated areas.  Blinds are designed for 4 persons.

NBC also has several acres of flooded timber available to wade for hunters preferring to use that method of hunting – weather permitting.

The beaver pond is approximately 10 acres and features the majority being about 12 inches deep.

The manmade bodies of water range in size from ½ to almost 3 acres.  Water levels range from a few inches to several feet.

Species available are dependent upon weather conditions, but you can commonly see Wood Ducks, Mallards, Teal, Mergansers, Canadian Geese and last year Canvasback visited.

You may bring your retrieving dog but are required to have your own liability insurance.
You can use your own small watercraft (no motor) but are required to have your own liability insurance.  NBC does not have a boat ramp available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

​Waterfowl Hunting Information for "Hunt Halifax"

By Nash Brick Company

"Hunt Halifax"

By Nash Brick Company