"Hunt Halifax"

By Nash Brick Company

​Deer Hunting Information for "Hunt Halifax"

By Nash Brick Company

Deer hunting at “Hunt Halifax” by Nash Brick Company (NBC) is an “Unguided” style “Still Hunt” experience located in Halifax County, North Carolina.

Hunters will be provided a property map of the 481 acres with assigned stand or blind location marked.  Stands and Blinds are placed along hardwood bottom lands, near seeded lanes in cut-overs, close to traveled trails, on maintained right-of-ways or alongside observed watering spots and feeding areas. NBC also makes use of feeders.  Most of the stands are 2-man stands to ensure hunters have plenty of room in the stands.

Selected stands may be placed closer in proximity to each other for hunters that wish to hunt together or have a youngster hunting with them that needs to remain nearby.

While Deer hunting at “Hunt Halifax” is a “Still Hunt” only and hunting with dogs is prohibited, this region is famous for deer hunting with dogs.  Adjoining property may be running dogs during your activities at NBC.  Dogs do not recognize property lines so you may encounter trespassing dogs or occasionally handlers retrieving dogs.  Stands or blinds may also be placed to take advantage of this benefit.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!